Ornamental and Horticultural Fun


So, lets talk ornamental horticulture.  Ornamental horticulture is using decorative plants or flowers for arrangements and displays which can be used for entertainment or well, just to look good, smell nice or add some color to a garden.

There are lots of considerations when discussing ornamental plants. Much like most other plants found in nature, choosing proper ornamentals can meet several different criteria but questions should be asked before planting…

Displays or arrangements should consider the following:

  1. Is the arrangement beneficial for wildlife, pollinators, ect?
  2. Are the plants annual or perennial?
  3. How big will the plants get in a few years? Is the planting area sufficient to sustain the plant within a prolonged time frame?
  4. Do the plants used going to attract unwanted pests to the area?
  5. Are the plants used considered safe for human consumption?
  6. Are the plants poisonous to animals and/or humans, and/or does the plant have any medicinal properties? 
  7. Does the arrangement focus on what is native to the area?
  8. If it is a planted arrangement, are the plants which are being planted invasive?
  9. Note that this list only pertains to what is being planted in our yard.

It is important to ask those questions before planting things in a yard if that is the goal. If growing plants specifically for arrangements it is best to check the growing zone to ensure that the plants will thrive in the area.