Indoor Soil Gardening


Indoor gardening may not seem tricky, but believe me it can be extremely fickle if a person is trying to get anything grown in a bulk scale.  There is so much trial and error involved.  From season to season things will change based on how the previous season worked.

One of the things that I found with respect to growing in a soil tent indoors is that when trying to do my research to figure out how to do the set up it seems nearly impossible to find any resources that aren’t directly related to growing cannabis.  While I do not partake in such things, I will say that those guys sure seem to have it down.

If as many people took the time and care in growing vegetables indoors with the trial and error as those who grow cannabis it seems as if there would surely not be a food shortage anywhere in the US.

Indoor soil growing is just as a dynamic adventure as growing hydroponically; however, is slightly more simple as the amount of equipment is not quite as complicated… or is it?