2018 Indoor Soil Season


Last season I tried to do indoor soil using window boxes on racks with T5 direct lighting and LED indirect lighting.  While some of the plants did well such as the lettuces, most of the plants did not do as well as I would have liked.  This year I am trying different plants, but also restructuring the whole experience.


First, I built a stand alone structure that is exposed from all sides.  This will take the place of the rack system that I used last season which partially worked:




Second, I changed out the lighting to a direct 7-band 36 watt 4-pod led with several T5 lights scattered throughout for supplement.


Third, I am using mixtures of different soils rather than just the basic Miracle Gro potting soil. See below under the soil product trials for product information and how I layered each substrate.

Also, I am going to be using a feeding product system, Aurora Innovations, in order to fortify the plants with nutrients as needed throughout the season via a water drip delivery system.

Enjoy the journey!

Day 1 Soil 2018 Season


2018 Soil Nutrition New Product Trials


2018 Water Delivery Drip System Setup



Planted Indoor Soil Garden!20180120_195106



Week 2 Indoor Soil Tent Progress






Week 3 New Growth Update20180129_191802





Week 4 Indoor Vegetable Progress and Mods







Week 5 Oh My, Squash!






20180408_011257It’s Fun to Soil, But Fun Has To End