Planted Indoor Soil Garden!




Here is the key to our indoor soil garden.  It is coming along fantastically.





Although it’s hard to tell from this angle, the squash have sprouted slightly.  It’s going to be a little tight for them but we will see how it goes as they grow and mature.  The bell peppers have barely broken from the shell so I planted them just to get them in the ground and start the watering cycle with the rest of the plants.




The beans have clearly come up and will hopefully flourish well.  They started to look a little wilty when I planted them but they bounced back just after their first water cycle.






The early girl tomato also wilted slightly but came back just like the beans did after their first watering.




Its hard to see the basil, but there is basil here in this little spot next to the tomato.






I planted a row of radish and a row of carrot to see how they do in the indoor soil tent.  Last year in the window pots, the only things that seemed to do well overall were the radish and the lettuce so this is also my trial and error.

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