Winter 2017 Indoor Soil Garden, Day 32


So, it’s been a little over a month.  I have only been using regular tap water to date.  I have not used any fortified water (miracle grow or any fertilizer mixes) in the garden so overall, I am pretty happy with the results.  I think that I may need to adjust the light times a little though, the plants seem to be getting a little too dry and we have passed the germination dates for all of the plants.  It may be time to go to 12/12 lighting.  I was doing 16/8 lighting.

So here we are, picture time:

buttercrunch 32I had to move this box up to another shelf to make room for the outdoor garden seedlings.  The lettuce is growing nicely and the lavender is finally poking it’s head up out of the soil.

GRL and Radish 32My Grand Rapids lettuce is doing GREAT and I have been sampling it as it grows, but some of my radishes seem to have gone to pasture.  The nice thing about radishes is that they only take 28 days to re-grow so I will just plant more.

turnip kohlrabi 32The turnip and Kohlrabi are both seeming to do well.  The turnips seem slightly stunted, but I think I may have had a problem under watering them last week. (also featured here are some of the sunflower seedlings going in the outdoor garden.)

beet Carrot 32The beets and carrots seem to be right on course, again, a little anemic because of the watering, but they have bounced back within the last 24 hours.  I will have to thin out the carrots a smidgen within the next few days.  It will also give me a good look at the overall progress.

OnionsThe onions are well… onions.  They seem to be doing what they need to do.  Since they went in after the other plants they too seem to be right on schedule for being less than one month. I will continue to thin them out as needed.

Broccoli Basil 32So this is the last shelf.  The basil is finally making some real headway and the raab broccoli is thriving it’s supposed to be harvest ready by day 55 so I may have to thin these slightly as well given that it’s day 35.

So with the basil.  I personally have had slow starts with basil, but it does continue to put off lovely leaves for quite a while once it does so if it wants to take it’s time, that’s fine with me.

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