Winter 2017 Soil Garden, Day 3



The Navel Orange tree that I purchased from Homestead Gardens has lots of nice starter oranges on it.

I have discovered (which I did not know before I purchased the tree) that it takes anywhere from 7 to 12 months for the oranges to ripen and be ready to be picked.

At this point, the earliest time that I could pick any of the oranges would be around October 15, 2017.

The latest time that I could pick any of the oranges would be around February 15, 2018.


Several of my plants have started to germinate!!!!



The turnips (in the planter on the left) are right on target for their germination time, as is the kohlrabi (in the planter on the right).


The radishes (in the planter on the right) are on time for their germination time as is the Grand Rapids lettuce (in the planter on the left).


The Rapini (or) Raab broccoli is very early.  The general germination time for this plant is 10 to 21 days and these have sprouted on day 3!

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