Outdoor Soil Experiment Contd…


You know how there are times when you want something to be really good, but it turns out very disappointing? Kind of like the Ghost Pepper Fries from Wendy’s… well, the outdoor tent itself seems to leave much to be desired.

At first, it fit like a glove and it is the ideal size for our soil beds; however, a few days after installation, we experienced some wind (nothing major, just a normal cold front that came through the area) and the plastic flew off of the frame and, of course, that does nothing good for plants that need a little bit of humidity to grow and need to stay a smidgen warm.



The plastic is a little thin and rips relatively easily both on the seams and with any type of object.






Because of the problem with the actual tent coming off of the frame so easily, we had to use plastic cap roofing nails to ensure that the tent does not fly off of the frame again:


Because of the tent problems, I feel that the outdoor Winter tent is not doing well and therefore a bust for this season, unless a miracle happens.  I will continue with it, but probably wont see much until the spring season when we begin the outdoor soil summer garden.

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