Bringing Home Royalty


We purchased nucs from our distributor in April but due to the wacky weather, we were unable to pick up the ladies until the beginning of June.

The nuc box contained 5 frames so we only had to add 3 frames to our 8 frame boxes.

Once we added the frames to the boxes, we added an empty box on top for sugar water to get them happy and fed for the first week.  As we moved the nuc starter frames into the boxes, we inspected each to make sure that the girls have been busy and to make sure to locate the queen for each nuc.  Happy to say, she has been sighted and accounted for in each box.  We will double check on their sugar water status in a few days to make sure that they are eating well and change out the buckets if needed.

Of course, they were very unhappy for the first few hours.  I mean, seriously, they were in a truck bed, traveled about 35 miles and are now being thrust into a new neighborhood.  I feel that it would make most people unhappy if that also happened to them.

Once they calmed down after a few hours, here is what their entrance looked like.

Busy, busy, orienting themselves…

They took to their new homes relatively nicely and we will be doing an inspection and adding a new brood box with fresh frames within a week to let them expand.

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